All About Methenolone Enanthate UK: Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, PCT

Primobolan is one of the oral anabolic steroid quite unique when compared to other oral anabolic steroids that are available in the market. Before going further with the discussion, it is very important that we differentiate between the Primobolan and the Primobolan Depot. To understand it better, Primobolan Depot is one injectable hormone version attached to a large or long Enanthate ester. And Primobolan includes similar active steroidal hormone present in Methenolone; but, it’s more attached to its small and short Acetate ester or made for the oral administration. Let us go further and know more about Primobolan in our detailed review.

What’s Primobolan?

It is popularly called as Methenolone, the Primobolan is injectable and oral anabolic steroid used by the bodybuilders that will improved their lean muscle mass; reduce muscle wastage as well as improve physical strength and performance in a long run. Actually, because of the long resulting and mild effects of anabolic –and low androgenic elements–this steroid is still considered to be the most safest anabolic steroids right now, since it will confidently get used by women and men without any kind of fear of the liver toxicity and aromatization happening.

But there is more to this steroid that we will know here…

This steroid is found highly beneficial for treatment of the premature infants, underweight kids (malnutrition), sarcopenia and osteoporosis.

Science behind it:

  • Primobolan chemical name is 17ß-hydroxy-1-methyl-5a-androst-1-en-3-one acetate.
  • When it is in the liquid form the steroid is called methenolone enanthate. And in oral tablet this is called methenolone acetate.
  • In active life: the oral methenolone (4 to 6 hours); and liquid (or injectable) methenolone (10 to 14 days).

    Are there any difference between the Primobolan depot and the oral Primobolan: Yes, Primobolan depot is nothing but the injectable hormone version that can be attached to a large enanthate ester. Primobolan includes similar steroid hormone that is present in Methenolone; but linked to its acetate ester (and appropriate for the oral use).

Why athletes & bodybuilders use Primobolan?

  • First one is, this is female friendly steroids available in the market and used by people across the world. Same to Anavar, even Primobolan has the low virilization score; it means that women may very easily and safely use this steroid without any need to worry of developing the facial hair, deeper voice or baldness and more!
  • Next, there’s the entire history behind the famous actors Arnold Schwarzenegger making use of Primobolan steroid in his Mr. Olympia time. Although it has not been totally confirmed by any source; but his popular physique has actually made very high demand for such steroid, so let us face this– everyone wants to have an appearance just like Arnie.
  • As the DHT anabolic steroid isn’t 17-alpha-alkylated however 1-methylated (oral bioavailability), used between the cycles – at ‘off time’ – that will help to maintain the muscle mass as well as strength gains among them. Actually, this is ideal for cutting down cycles since it will prevent the muscle wastage and help you maintain your muscle that you have gained in bulking, whereas allowing you gain from the deficient diet and nutrition. With the well-planned out diet plan, Primobolan steroid will produce very good effects that can leave you appear, defined as well as chiseled.
  • Some of the top reasons why Primobolan (or Primobolan depot) is mostly used by the athletes or bodybuilders is only because:
  • This steroid causes very less inhibition compared to Deca Durabolin or testosterone (anabolic effects) due to no or less conversion in DHT; lesser activity of central nervous system, and decreased risk for aromatization.
  • This steroid potency is a bit lower compared to Deca Durabolin.
  • This improves the total and active testosterone just by promoting the SHBG or sex hormone globulin and LH or luteinizing hormone.
  • This is one mild steroid, it means that although you took the higher dosage of Primobolan steriod, this will not convert in the estrogen and trigger any breast enlargement among men.
  • The performance improving effects of the steroid will last for many months – yes, your attempt will never disappear in the smoke. But, Primobolan steroid can protect the lean tissues from the wastage; can encourage improved fat burn, as well as help you maintain the muscle gains when you stop the use.
  • The steroid produces very little or almost not any side effects when compared to best anabolic steroids that cause you the liver toxicity or damage; higher breasts, reduced testicles and higher voice tone; mood swings or roid rage. But, with the PCT and right dosages of the steroid one will avoid them.
  • The steroid also encourages the higher muscle endurance and recovery in a long run.
  • This is the best fat burner since it helps in improving the metabolic rate.
  • This steroid offers the strength building skills– Primobolan will help you in improving the strength by not adding a lot of muscle mass in it that is a bit handy for the athletes and bodybuilders.
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How Does Primobolan work?

To understand it better, Methenolone is the derivative of DHT (being precise – is the structurally altered type of DHT). This has some double bond in carbon 1 and 2 that helps in improving the anabolic nature of the hormone. This carries an extra 1-methyl group, which protects this from the hepatic breakdown. Presence of an acetate ester protects this from the hepatic metabolism.

The oral type is highly beneficial, since this is an only steroid that is not C17-aa steroid. Whereas lack of the C17-aa in it means this is not at all toxic for liver, and this means having mild or considered weak than other steroids available that is most of men will not experience similar activity and level.

For this reason, many men generally prefer using Primobolan Depot –since injection will be much stronger –whereas women generally stick over oral form because of similar mild effects that it provides.

In a lot of ways, the Primobolan steroid works very much like any other steroids in the market. This boosts off protein synthesis (at certain degree) and can moderately improve the count of red blood cell. But, this has 3 differentiating features, which make this quite different to others in the market:

  • The steroid has the very strong binding affinity only for the androgen receptors that is attached to the direct lipolysis. Whereas all the anabolic steroids will improve the metabolic rate, but Primobolan can directly support the fat loss, and thus making it ideal for cutting.
  • Research has seen that this steroid will significantly improve the immune system of a person. Actually, this is used in a treatment of AIDS, and providing a person the immunity boost and protection from the muscle wastage.
  • This steroid improves the nitrogen retention, and improving the catabolic states that are avoided or can successfully develop the lean muscle tissue in a long run. It is right that such gains will not be huge; however, they still can be very impressive for a person.
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Dosage & Cycles of Primobolan

An ideal dosage of Primobolan for men will be around 200 to 400 mg in a week, or it can be taken 50 to 150 mg a day. For the women, it can be dramatically get lessen at 50 to 100 mg per week (though studies recommend 25 to 75 mgs daily will be safe).

What are the tips?

    Stacking: This steroid is stacked best with the Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Testosterone, Anavar, Masteron, Dianabol, Winstrol, T3, Anadrol or Clenbuterol.

    At an end or after an end of the cycle, it will be right to use Nolvadex, Clomid or HCG, since it helps in improving bioavailability of other steroids that are available and you have already used during the cycle, whereas preventing side effects of estrogenic for example acne, oily skin, bloating and gynecomastia or more.

    Because of the reputation to be the good fat burner, often Primobolan gets used by the athletes between the cycles – and during ‘off-time’ –since this helps in maintaining the muscle mass or for any kind of strength gains that they have made. Actually, doing proper cycle of Primobolan for the pre-contest cutting is common amongst the competing bodybuilders.

    Normal Primobolan cycle –Doesn’t matter what amount of steroid you take –low 50 mg per day to competing 100 mg – Primo usually can be used as a part of eight week of usage cycle. You need to note ‘part of cycle’? Well, it is because the total use of Primo must not at all extend more than 6 weeks. Thus, lots of athletes can split this cycle and use will multiple the anabolic steroids for example men begin with Anadrol and Sustanon 250 for first two weeks; Anadrol, Sustanon 250, or Nolvadex from the weeks two to four, before you switch to Sustanon 250, Nolvadex and Primobolan from the weeks 5 to 8, and finishing with Nolvadex for two weeks. You need to note that when using the Primo first time, Primobolan cycle has to be only 25 mg a day.

Women –Whereas those who are competing will manage 25 to 50 mg Primobolan dose per day; this is suggested that the women take the smaller Primo doses and pair this with Anavar.

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Are there any side effects or dangers of Primobolan?

Primobolan will be a bit milder compared to other steroids or assure safer results; but, if misuse –with other things –will result in nasty side effects that you will have to go through. Although there are not a lot of scientific research done on this drug (apart from rats), but people who used this steroid have also reported some of the negative side effects.

The common side effects of Primobolan will include: acne, depression, hair loss or balding, oily skin, excess hair on body, increases bad cholesterol, or gynecomastia (this generally occurs if stacked with other anabolic steroid).

Obviously, when you stay safe, and lower your dosages, chance of side effects must be very less. But, it is recommended that you do a bit of leaning on side of its caution –particularly if you predisposed them for example you have any sensitive skin.

Women need to be careful.

Definitely, this is considered the highly safe steroids for the women to use; but, this is not totally exempt from the virilization. Just stray from its suggested dosage or you may end up with an excess of body hair, deeper voice, balding and menstrual cycle issues.

Additionally, this is not at all suggested for anybody being diagnosed with the testicular atrophy, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, liver damage, breast cancer, stroke, high BP, kidney damage, and respiratory problems.

In the same way, you have to be very careful if you already took Prasterone, DHEA, Tamoxifen, and Androstenedione since it will trigger the aromatization. Now at such point it’s very important we bring testosterone suppression. The Primobolan steroid is not immune to this and can suppress the natural production of testosterone to the degree. Thus, it is less than any other anabolic steroids; available but, it can happen till you add the PCT or exogenous treatment to the cycle to make sure the fast recovery.

Few things to know:

    Do not take several doses at one time– even when you missed one. Just skip this or stick to its scheduled time as well as dose of our next one. It is true if it’s below six hours before the next dosage of Primobolan.

    The oral dosage of Primobolan isn’t considered the hepatotoxic steroid since there is not a data it can cause the liver stress. But, it is one big– William Llewellyn recently reported the case of elderly man who was suffering from the liver toxicity, death and failure following use of the Primobolan. It is a fact, this is an only instance for happening in fifty years, however the existence means that you must be very careful.

On the positive note, the Primobolan doesn’t aromatize and cause any kind of water retention since this does not carry any kind of progestin nature. Additionally, since it does not cause any kind of excess storage of water, and it will not trigger blood pressure issues.

Where can you buy Primobolan steroid?

You see that Primobolan is still illegal for selling in the US market. This will not be prescribed for the medical use too– that includes the testosterone deficiency!! Due to this, we suggest to stay clear or avoid Primo, till you wish to break the US law or face any nasty penalties.

Bottom Line

As you can see that it is really tough to find the anabolic steroid; and it is a bit wonder being surrounded by a lot of speculations.